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Latest version: 0.8

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minidjvu is a command line utility which encodes and decodes single page black-and-white DjVu files, and can compress multiple pages, taking advantage from similarities between pages. The Windows version is supplied with a minimal GUI (a JavaScript-based web page which can run as an application with Internet Explorer).

Supported bitmap formats are PBM, Windows BMP, and TIFF (through libtiff).

minidjvu is based on DjVuLibre, which is the primary DjVu support library. Minidjvu is not going to support all DjVu functionality; the idea is rather to take the black-and-white part (also called JB2) and experiment with it.


0.8 is the latest release. This version has been significantly improved in terms of stability and functionality, so that upgrading from older versions is highly recommended. Here's the list of new features implemented and important bugs fixed in minidjvu 0.8:

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Ilya Mezhirov (author)
Alexey Kryukov